17 October 2007

One Half of Zichenauer Regiment Now Completed!!!

Well, after a weekend of bicycling out of town (in Bloomington, Indiana), reading and marking the latest batch of student papers, plus a minor bout of painting lethargy, I have finished the second company of the 80-figure Zichenauer infantry regiment. The best part is that there are only 38 figures remaining!!! I’m so excited by this that I am beginning on the next batch of 19 figures tomorrow evening when I will set out to apply flesh tone to the hands and faces. If that goes well, I might also begin on the green bases.

I’ve half a mind to make a big push this weekend and work on the second half of the regiment in one go. We’ll see. But it would be lovely to finish these figures by early November. Then, I can get cracking on the regiment of Spencer Smith cavalry that the fair Grand Duchess Sonja brought to me last summer. Anyway, here are two shots of the half+ of the regiment that is finished.

These plastic Revell figures paint up surprisingly well when time is taken to trim away mold lines and base coat them carefully. Then, maybe I’m just getting used to slogging through these huge regiments? That’s surely part of it. Henry Hyde was correct when he mentioned at some point in an early issue of Battlegames that there is a certain zen-like calm that comes over you when working on BIG units. “Grasshopper, you must focus!”


Giles said...

Marvellous stuff, Stokes. I still don't know how you manage to plough through 80 figure regiments.....that really is dedication!

guy said...

They are looking quite splendid. I similarly have 72 on the go on my painting table. I do find that there a certain painting tipping point. Once you cross that line, the momentum picks up and they are finished in no time. For some strange reason doing the faces and painting the bases seem to be one of these magic lines. This regiment I am doing is the 10th Prussian infantry and they have the most striking lemon yellow trousers and waist coats. A great contrast to the dark blue coats.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Thank you both! The continuing interest and comments I receive from visitors surely helps one to push on through those more tedious features of painting.

Guy, how about a photo or two of your Prussians? I agree, yellow provides a striking contrast to dark blue. When I eventually return to painting units for the Grand Duchy of Stollen, I plan on a unit of infantry dressed in dark blue coats with pink breeches, vests, facings, and turnbacks. The figures should show up well on the table. Orange, yellow, red, purple, and the like all give good results against darker coat colors. Charge!

Best Regards,


Fitz-Badger said...

I am amzaed at both the quality and quantity! Excellent work!

I know what you guys mean about the "tipping point" where it seems the finish comes rather quickly.

MurdocK said...

Excellent work, as always.

The effect of the masses is when the work put in on the single minis really starts to shine!


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