07 October 2007

A Quick Painting Update. . .

Well, the first free weekend in about three weeks! So, I spent a delightful day painting the second batch of Zichenauer infantry yesterday! Here’s a photograph I took early in the day after completing the crossbelts and red silk bags in the top in the bearskins. Pleased with the results, I continued in a few later sessions to apply the purple facing color and brown to haversacks, along with a different color of brown for what look like small pouches or canteens modeled on top of the haversacks.

If you look carefully,you'll just make out on a few of the figures here that light blue shoulder strap on their left shoulders. I decided that this is how I would differentiate between each of the four companies. The first has purple, the second light blue, the third will have yellow, and the fourth will have green shoulder straps. I decided on this because these figures have sprigs of pine in their hats rather than pompoms or cockades, so it is difficult to represent which company the figures belong to otherwise. All in all, a great day’s work on the heels of about 10 days of relative inactivity thanks to what we in the Grand Duchy of Stollen like to call “real life”!

Today, it's on to the purple breeches and officer/NCO wigs and the enlisted men's brown hair. Maybe the muskets stocks too, depending on how time goes. Must try to accomplish as much as possible in the next several days because the Grand Duchess and I have a big bike ride coming up next weekend in Bloomington, Indiana – the annual Hilly Hundred! Two days of hilly terrain with LOTS of other bicyclists from around the Midwest. My legs are aching already just thinking about it!

Finally, I managed to work out ow to use the zoom function of this digital camera that was a gift from dear old Mom and Step-dad last Christmas. The booklet that came with it is so thick that it is sometimes a bit intimidating to use all of the features. Imagine my surprise when I noticed while looking at the back of the camera that there was a button right in front of my face with a "zoom" symbol on it -- groan. The Grand Duchess will get a real kick out of this when I tell her!

Anyway, the zoom function enables you to get in even closer, filling the frame with your subject without throwing anything out of focus. It's scary, but I'm hearing that old Duran Duran song in my mind right now -- "See them walking hand in hand across the bridge at midnight. . ." Help me, help me, I'm having a Cool 80s Music Attack!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, good, another painting progress photo.

I thought that you were going to be at "the Big Battle" this coming weekend . . . or is it the one at the Con that you will be going to?

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi Jeff,

The one in Rockford at the beginning of November!

Best Regards,


Bill McHenry said...


The Austrians look great! I've been having trouble getting inspired to start serious work on my Horde, but I think the new Zvezda'a are going to do it for me. Writing the Blog has definitely helped. It made me think out the uniforms and structure of the Army and now I'm personally motivated to at least complete the 'special' units that my mind has created.

Oh, and BTW, please don't tell the Alien Leader about poor Ringo losing Pauly's Grandfather, it wasn't his fault. The old geezer is as slippery as an eel! 2nd BTW, I HAVE the Fedora, an original from the early 60's, made by the Dobb's Hat Company, charcoal with a black silk band. It usually shares time with my black 'Stevie Ray Vaughan' hat shown on Sir William's Wargaming page and a fine varnished staw 'Gambler' that the Lady Katherine bought for me last year. I'll try and get a pic of the Fedora, although I often wear mine with the brim down all the way around.

Sir William


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