08 October 2007

IMEX AWI British Artillery for Trade

I have two boxes of IMEX 1/72 British Artillery of the American War of Independence/American Revolution that I don’t need. They are a little too small to work with my Revell/RSM/Spencer Smiths. I’ll happily exchange them for two boxes of either 1/72 Revell Austrian SYW Dragoons, or 1/72 Revell Prussian SYW Infantry. I purchased the IMEX sets last year, and they have been gathering dust ever since. It's time to find them a good home. By the way, the figures are still on their sprues, and one box even has the cellophane wrapper on it. Contact me, if you're interested.


Bill McHenry said...

Stokes - Check your e-mail for an important dispatch from M'Uedail.

Sir William

MurdocK said...

Looking great!

Only one question:

Are you certain that the sprig on the bearskins is pine?
Other references I have seen say that it was Oak leaves for the Austrian ones.


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