08 October 2007

And Another Step Out of the Way!

Here’s another quick update. The breeches are now finished for the second company of nineteen Zichenauer infantry. No more Warlock Purple for a few days -- thank goodness! Instead, it’s time to work on lots of little details that will go quickly – badges on cartridge pouches, sprigs of pine on left side of the bearskins, some brass/bronze flourishes here and there, the musket barrels, drum cords, and so on. And what the heck! For your continuing perusal, here’s a photo of one half of the regiment, mustered for inspection by one very proud Colonel von Finknottle!


Bluebear Jeff said...


What are you using for bases? They look oval.

-- Jeff

meadows boy said...

Looking really good!
Will post those Spencer Smiths to you when the postal strikes over here have calmed down a bit!



Stokes Schwartz said...

Thanks David!

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi Jeff,

The bases are actually small pieces of cardboard. I traced the base of an extra RSM95 figure and then carefully gut out about 85 of them last May. And it only took a couple of days! I did this to give the figures some added stability since they are plastic and rather light. Next time, I think what I will do is to contact the folks at Litko and see if I can get some metal laser-cut bases made to my specifications. If the price is right, I'll go that route and give my plastic figures some extra heft. . . along with more nicely cut bases.

Best Regards,



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