04 September 2007

Standards? What Standards?

Let’s not omit the standard behind which Zichenau’s white-coated Ermland Grenadiere Garde will rally. It’s actually a flag carried by the Baden-Durlach regiment during the Seven Years War, and this example was gleaned from the Warflag website. However, I’ll monkey around with the colors of the stripes to alter it just a bit, making it just al little more “imaginary”. Maybe light purple and yellow stripes?


MurdocK said...

What is wrong with black (as is) blue then orange (your colours!)?

tidders said...

I like the ReichArmee flags as well; some of them are quite striking.

Another Colour combo ? green - yellow - blue

-- Allan

guy said...

I found Warflag to be an extremely useful site and the Reicharmee pages led me to paint 3 or 4 regiments up. Facinating little states with gloriously uniformed troops which are very useful to break up the massed white ranks of austrians. I was thinking of doing the same for my prussians and raise some units of allies to break the monotony of blue. Perhaps some Saxons, Hanoverians or hanseatic league troops. I will need to read a bit more on the subject.


abdul666 said...

I support Murdock's suggestion. It's generally a good thing, with fictitious armies, when the flags share a common feature -design or combination of colors- thus providing a factor of homogeneity and 'personality' to the troops on the tabletop.

Stokes Schwartz said...


Colors? Ah, but you see, this particular unit will fight for The Electorate of Zichenau. So, it will need different colors that those used by The Grand Duchy of Stollen (blue and orange). Purple and Yellow will be equally striking, I think. Let's see what I can cook up.

Best Regards,


Frank said...

A striking flag for sure and with a few colour alterations will be your own creation.

I love some of these flags and I wonder if my own Leder-Hosen flag is maybe a bit too simplistic by comparison . . .



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