16 September 2007

First Batch of Zichenauers Nears Completion!

The title says it all. I am almost finished with slightly more than one quarter of the 80-figure Ermland Grenadiere Garde regiment. And you know? They don't look half bad. So, three cheers – Hip, hip, hip! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

The next painting session should see these babies all finished save the clear coat of Future acrylic floor polish. The remaining items include: silver musket barrels and bayonets, brass musket fixtures, officers’ gorgets, mounted colonel’s sword, brass scabbard tips and sword hilts. Oh, and I mustn't forget the few bits of brass hardware on the furniture of Colonel von Finknottle's horse!

Things went so swimmingly this afternoon and early evening that I pressed on and attached the flag, recoloring its horizontal stripes. I wanted something eye-catching, so I used a number of different colors to alter the real Baden-Durbach regimental standard. I’m very pleased with the results. So, barring any delays, by Wednesday or Thursday, I should be at work n the next batch of 19 figures of this monster regiment! Oh, the pain of it all, the pain. . .


tidders said...

Those grenadiers are going to be a nice looking unit - the flag really looks good with them

-- Allan

Betts-Davittovich said...

In fact the language of Jordicken is closer to saxon/scandonavian mix, thought to be decendants of a Russ tribe who having settled in what is now northern Russia were pushed out and took refuge in this valley where they gained a germanic influence, a little interbreeding led to a strange and mixed up tongue thus the odd "ovich" mixed in with "stien" and "stade"

abdul666 said...

Bravo! Keep courage!

Bluebear Jeff said...

The flag does look good . . . as, of course, do the men.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thank you men! Your continuing interest and support keeps me going.

Enjoy the day,


Frank said...

Aww Stokes I want to kick your butt!
I am so jealous of how you crank out these superb looking fellas in vast numbers, while I crawl along at a snails pace.

However, as always your army is inspirational, so I keep slogging on. Keep up the good work, they look terrific!



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