18 September 2007

Another "Old School" Book Arrives in the Grand Duchy!

Yes, ha-ha, it has finally arrived! Something to break the monotony of a day spent translating a book from Norwegian to English. That’s right; it’s Solo Wargaming (1973) by Donald Featherstone!

I actually managed to find a copy online at a considerably more reasonable price than is usually the case for this particular book. Although it lacks a paper cover (not the one shown), the copy of the hard bound book I just received is in remarkably good condition.

Best of all, the Grand Duchess Sonja actually made it something of an early birthday present to me. So, I’m sorely tempted to skip painting this evening and retire early to bed because a quick thumb through the book reveals all sorts of interesting reading. I'll try to write up a concise review and post it here in the next several days. Charge! Ooops -- wrong author!


Fitz-Badger said...

Cool! And Happy Birthday! :-)
Back in my early days I often had this book checked out from my local library.

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thank you for your good wishes!

Best Regards,


guy said...

Well done. I have been trying to lay my hands on a reasonably priced copy of this book as well as his Campaign book for ages.

Another book you may find helpful for general ideas is Napoleons Campaigns in Miniature by Bruce Quarrie. This must have been first published in the late 1970's. I devourved it at the time and read it so much that my copy is now pretty battered and I put a plastic cover on it to try and protect it. Mistake! The chapters on how to run a campaign, supply, maps etc are still very helpful. Whilst aimed at the Napoleonic period, don't let this put you off.


Stagonian Jeff said...

May I wish you a "Happy Birthday" also, Stokes (whenever it arrives).

I would like to have a copy of this also . . . but I'm not likely to find it at a price I'll spring for . . . *sigh* . . . but that's alright since I do live in an area that does have at least two other 18th century miniature gamers (Duchies of Mieczyslaw and the North).

Do enjoy this find for all of the rest of us.

-- Jeff

Steve said...

Happy birthday... you're in for a treat as I found the book one of his best. I got the book when it was first published - and Don signed it and made it out to me as well.. ! :o)

meadows boy said...

Sorry, a bit late but have a great birthday!

The best presents are always 'toys'!

all the best



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