14 September 2007

Did Someone Say 1/72 Metal Figures??!!

Happy Weekend everyone! One of you regular Grand Duchy of Stollen visitors, though I cannot remember who just now, asked about figures by the German firm Art Miniaturen earlier this week. I must admit, I've known of these figures for about a year or two, but don't own any currently. See the link below to visit Art Miniaturen's online store:


The company produces a nice line of SYW figures, but with the very poor exchange rate between the American Dollar and the Euro, I've put off ordering any in quantity to see how they might work with my plastic Revell figures and the lovely metal RSM95 figures. They do seem a bit pricey, but I imagine that this is because they are viewed more as "collector" figures by their manufacturer than wargaming figures.

In addition, I suspect that the A.M. figures might actually be a bit on the small side, "true 1/72", to work with those I have amassed already. However, they do look attractive and might be just what someone else is looking for. Incidentally, A.M.'s 1/72 Napoleonic line is fairly extensive and might actually work along side some of the larger 15/18mm figures on the market today.

The Grand Duchess and I are signed up for a 65 mile bike ride down in Arthur, Illinois tomorrow -- The annual Amish Ride. So, it's early to bed this evening and early to rise in the morning, so we can make the 90-minute drive for an 8AM start time. The weather forecast looks great – mostly sunny and temperatures in the mid-60s (Fahrenheit). Ahhhhh. Finally a break from the nasty, hot weather of August and early-September. Slightly aching calves tomorrow evening, but I'm determined to get in a couple of hours painting. Keep your fingers crossed!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Enjoy your day in the outdoors with the lovely Grand Duchess.

Given the prices from overseas, I certainly agree that the prices of plastics and RSMs recommend themselves most effectively in comparison.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thank you Jeff!

We are tired and a little sunburned today, but our 67 mile ride was glorious. Fine, cool weather, an interesting route with very little traffic, followed by a big lunch afterwards and a solid night's sleep. It doesn't get much better.

Best REgards,


guy said...

Hi Stokes,

At long last managed a couple of hours in my soldier room last night setting up the troops for my next 2 Prussian musketeer regiments which will be the 1st and the 10th. I am including in these regiments some of the Art Miniaturen figures and when I have painted them I will try and post some photos. The prices for the figures themselves are just within the pain threshold but the postal charges for outside Germany are outrageous.

The AM figures definately fit the plastic Revell range but would be much too large for 15/18mm ranges.I am also going to paint up one of the mounted colonels as a general for my Reicharmee troops as there was a photo posted on the TMP site a couple of days ago of a splendidly named character in a fantastic uniform. Too good an oportunity to miss.

Finally I thought had found a source for the Revell Prussian hussar figures - regretfully a mirage. The search continues.



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