14 August 2007

Revell Austrian Grenadiers on the Starting Block!!!

Recruiting has been picking up in the Electorate of Zichenau the last few evenings! The 80 figure (Von Ermland) Garde Granadiere have had their mold lines trimmed away and now await a coating of artist’s acrylic gesso, followed by a black undercoat.

The 1/72 Revell SYW Austrian grenadiers were a pleasure with only light mold lines/flash on most figures. And I might possibly be getting just a bit better at working with plastic figures, because the trimming went easily and quickly this time -- I was able to get about 20 figures finished per evening. Amazing what a sharp X-acto blade will do!

Organizationally, Zichenau infantry units are a bit larger than their Stollenian counterparts. The Von Ermland Grenadiers comprise four companies of nineteen figures each plus staff of four (mounted colonel, adjutant, standard bearer, and RSM) for a total of 80 figures. As I mentioned here a few days ago, I’m hoping the mainly white uniforms will mean that the painting process proceeds with great precipitance. ;-) We’ll see, I guess, but I do want to get on to that lovely Spencer Smith cavalry that the Grand Duchess brought home with her from Europe before too long.

Anyway, since the projected Zichenauen army is somewhat smaller than Stollen’s, I felt that their guard and line regiments could stand to be a bit larger than the usual three company establishment of the infantry regiments I’ve been painting for the last year or so. Light infantry battalions will stand firm at a two company establishment, just like the Grand Duchy of Stollen’s green-coated Jäger zu Fuß that I painted during October 2006.

Finally, I hope to get a photo of the entire regiment posted here once they have been covered with gesso and a back undercoat. In the meantime, “Charge!!!”

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm sure that we all look forward to seeing the completion of this unit . . . not only for the pictures, but also so that we can see the Spencer Smiths in uniforms too.

-- Jeff


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