05 July 2007

25-30mm Figure Comparison

Juts messing around with various things on and beneath my painting desk today, and I thought some of you might be interested in seeing how the various ranges of figures I am using for the Grand Duchy of Stollen Project compare to one another. So, take a look at the two photos above. From left to right you see the following: A 25mm RSM95 mounted infantry officer, a 30mm Spencer Smith mounted officer, a 25mm MiniFig “Frederick the Great”, and finally a plastic 1/72 Revell Austrian dragoon trooper.

Not a huge amount of difference in height between the four miniatures, although the latter two are a bit shorter in stature. It’s also interesting to see the difference in sculpting style and in proportions. Although I am a fan of MiniFigs (and in particular their 15mm Napoleonics of which I have 2000+), I think that their 25mm SYW range leaves a bit to be desired where correct human proportions are concerned.

Specifically, the three 25mm MiniFig mounted SYW generals in my collection are a little on the dumpy side with overly large calves, heads, and hands. The other three figures pictured above are much better in that department. In any case, I think all of the ranges will work well together, especially assembled into their various BIG units.


meadows boy said...

Very interesting, your consistent and good painting syle will go a long way to making them work together!



abdul666 said...

Playing on the thickness of the base can make slight differences in size even less noticeable. I found it iseful years ago when the notion of '25mm' was evolving.

Bluebear Jeff said...

You are right. I'd have no trouble with units of all four as part of my army.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

Very interesting array there. I especially gained a new appreciation for how well you painted the RSM figure!

MurdocK said...

Once assembled into their mass units, I have found no complications in mixing various makers minis. My own French Napoleonics are a mix of three different eras of Prince August minis (some of the home castings probably should have been rejected, but at the time I just needed the masses of men!). Even within their lines the 25mm minis range from similar to the Minifigs (I have many minifig Russian gunners) to the very elegantly proportioned (though rather plain with few cross-belts/pouches and face details) Austerlitz minis, from moulds released in 2004 in time to do the Austerlitz battles.

Most of the Russian ones I have are from this line and while very simple in presentation (not a lot of pouches/belts etc) their effect once put on the table in masses is excellent.

When it comes to equipment (specifically the artillery) I have seen no compromise with the mostly Prince August that I use, when the two or three Foundry ones are put out, most players cannot really tell the difference!

Grimsby Mariner said...

For some reason I always thought RSM figures were considerably smaller than Spencer Smith. This is probably a hangover from "The Wargamers" and their Sittingbad game last year. John Preece fielded several RSM units which looked smaller but now I think about it that must be because his Stadden figures were so big!


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