01 July 2007

The Grand Duchess Sonja's Return Imminent

The Grand Duchess Sonja’s plane from Berlin should touch down at New York’s JFK airport in the next couple of hours. She’s finally on her way home after two months of wurst, dönnerkabab, and bad GDR disco films from the 1970s! Ah, the glamorous life of a pop culture historian! ;-)

And tucked carefully into Sonja’s carry-on baggage is a regiment of 30+ Spencer Smith dragoons – troopers with sword pointed forward, officers with raised sword, and a couple of extra figures to use as a trumpeter and guidon bearer. Just like those we’ve ogled for years in Charles Grant’s The War Game and elsewhere. I’ll post a few pictures of the new regiment in formation here in the next several days.

For now, I’ve got to dust and vacuum – that’s “hoover” for my British and Commonwealth visitors.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Well, please welcome the Grand Duchess home for all of us.

It certainly sounds like you have a true gem of a bride.

Looking forward to seeing the Spencer Smiths.

-- Jeff

Grimsby Mariner said...

Welcome home to the Grand Duchess.

We hope she had a splendid time in Europe and that her absence has made the heart grow fonder.


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