17 April 2007

Looking Ahead -- A Grand Duchy of Stollen Tourist Survey

Well, I just finished attaching the remainder of the RSM95 Grenadiers I’ve been nattering on about to their temporary 1” card squares. In the next evening or two, I’ll apply some acrylic gesso to Company B, followed by my usual black undercoat the next evening. Then, painting can begin as usual.

As I was working, my mind wandered ahead to what I’ll work on next after the entire 63-figure Leib Grenadiers are finished. Probably mid-May. A little slower than I had initially hoped, but life keeps throwing curveballs in the way, and the Grand Duchy of Stollen campaign is only a hobby after all.

Anyway, I will have the core force of three infantry units, a cavalry regiment, a two-gun battery, and three staff finished for Stollen. It will then be time to begin painting a core army for Stollen’s arch enemy, the Electorate of Zichenau. And I’m a bit torn concerning where to start.

So, I’ve decided to conduct a survey among you regular visitors to the Grand Duchy of Stollen. What do you think I should paint next once the RSM95 figures are finished? Consider the following options. . .

Do I take a break from painting these huge cavalry and infantry units that I’ve worked on since December? It might be nice to paint up three staff to command Zichenau’s small army first. Or do I paint a battery of artillery first? I’ve got a few great ideas for really colorful “dandyish” uniforms for these boys, which I developed using some neat illicit uniform templates from an anonymous source living somewhere on the west coast of Canada ;-).

Or, do I start with another unit of Revell 1/72 plastic infantry? If the latter, should I paint some Austrian SYW fusiliers wearing bicornes? Or should I instead paint a unit of grenadiers wearing that neat looking Austrian bearskin with the red silk bag flopping over the side? Or might it be more prudent to begin with a unit of cavalry? I’d like to know what you think.

Take a few moments to consider the choices above carefully; keep in mind that once my semester finishes in mid-May, and the Grand Duchess Sonja leaves for her two-month long research trip in Berlin, Germany, I’ll have lots of spare time for important things like bicycling, figure painting, etc. Ah, summer. Anyway, send me your suggestions. The painting option with the most votes will be the unit I paint next. And I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated with plenty of photographs right here. Let the voting begin!


Bluebear Jeff said...

To me it is obvious that you should start at the top so that the "high command" can oversee the recruitment and equipping of their forces.

Next, a basic infantry battalion is needed to protect the area (and do whatever odd work needs to be done).

Third, those artillerymen should begin to exercise their newly purchased cannon (which will help keep the infantry in line).

Fourth, to encourage the infantry to be better, recruit and equip that grenadier unit so that the infantry has something to aspire to emulate.

Next, a cavalry unit to scout out the land. (this should now be a relief after painting the foot).

-- Jeff

Bloggerator said...

Hi Stokes,

This is my disciplined side speaking; my undisciplined side you can guess at over at the Duchy of Alzheim*.

I'd go for a line infantry unit, reward myself with some "high command" (what are they high on anyway?), do another line unit, reward myself with some artillery and then do some cavalry.

Then you can do some grenadiers. just woolgathering here, but perhaps you could use your induvidual grenadier companies as your rewards - before you know it you'd have an additional infantry unit.




Grimsby Mariner said...

Artillery for me. Quick to paint and that allows you then to get something else done afterwards.

March to the sound of the guns!

tidders said...

I try and alternate betwen unit types to have a change. I always put off doing artillery for some reason so I do that first, then staff, and alternate between cavalry, line infantry, grenadiers etc.

Allan (Wittenberg)

Snickering Corpses said...

Firstly, I thought it important to note that the gallant Oberfeldwebel is up to a 4 vote lead in the Golden Grenadier competition. 13-9. He's a grenadier..how could it be fair for him to lose? ;)

Infantry are my own starting place, obviously, since my aim was to have one unit I could field if I got the chance to travel sometime to visit one of you fellows and play gallant ally to your forces for a game. :>

That said, I'd second Jeff that you should start with your command group, with one caveat. That's IF you feel like you have a grasp on the personalities you want in it by then. If you don't know who they are yet, it'll be hard to pick the right uniform for them. But otherwise, I'd go with that, and then start an infantry unit.

MiniWargamer said...

Cavalry... the combat arm of decision.


Tom said...

I would suggest starting with Infantry or Cavalry, with a preference towards the Cavalry.

The idea being that once you get an enemy unit done, you can have a light skirmish game between your forces. You've worked so hard to get one side set up, actually getting to play with some of them seems like a nice idea.


Frankfurter said...

Ah, remember that the facade and appearance is everything in prestige among small country status contests. So I'd definitely do the Grenediers first and make them as lavish as plausible ...

Giles said...

I'd also do with the high command, as a breather before launching into another massive cavalry or line infantry regiment.

As you say in the post, this is supposed to be a relaxing hobby after all, and on occasion we can all feel that such and such a unit has to be done as soon as possible. Sometimes it's worth taking a break and spending a bit longer on the personalities before plunging back into the rank-and-file.

Then again, if you're up for doing another several dozen line troops then strike while the iron is hot!



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