10 April 2007

A Few Stollen Moments

Well, after I finish my post-dinner cup of coffee and then do the dishes, I think I'll sit down and get in some painting on the RSM95 grenadiers sitting over on the painting desk. Inspired by the arrival and vicarious excitement of Jonathan's own RSM95 Prussians over at Hesse-Engelburg, I feel the need to get moving and finish that first 1/3 and a bit of Stollen's Leib (Grand Duchess of Sonja's Own ) Grenadiers. The Grand Duchess actually has a couple of commitments over at the university this evening, so, I'll have some time to fill. . . Actually, I'm just avoiding a batch of student papers that need reading and grades assigned :-(

Next, thanks to Phil Olley for his kind remarks in his latest Broadside update over at Phil's War Cabinet. And he's also been kind enough to supply a link to the Grand Duchy of Stollen, Principality of Saxe-Bearstein, and a few other fictitious 18th century places. Looks like we're stars now Jeff! ;-) All kidding aside, Phil had some interesting observations about imaginary campaigns, mentioning some notes he committed to paper back in 2003, which he entitled "Forward to the Past". Phil, if you're reading this, how about posting those notes sometime over at OSW in the Files section? It would be neat to see your thoughts in more detail.

Last, have a look at Mike Cannon's blog at http://www.miniaturewars.com/, where you can feast your eyes up his latest batch of Spencer Smith infantry. This time, Mike's painted up a whole bunch of white-coated grenadiers, which are part of a larger eventual regiment. Can't wait to see the whole unit lined up! And Mike, you might consider sending some photos of your figures to share in the "Gallery' section of the Spencer Smith website next to some of Henry Hyde's (and a few others') figures.

Anyway, it's really neat to see all of these different guys around the world using various old figure lines around which they create imaginary armies, campaigns, belligerent states, the personalities, and narratives that go with them. Hats off to you gentlemen! It's great to be part of it.


MiniWargamer said...

Thanks for the idea on sharing the photos with SSM. Hadn't thought of that.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Wow! Reading down did you see that Phil, Charles Grant Jr., Stuart Asquith and other luminaries will be refighting Mollwitz (ala The War Game) with the very figures and scenery which the Grants used for the book!

Too bad I'll be many thousands of miles away . . . it would be a great thing to observe.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

Well, it's only fair that my work prompted you to dig in and paint more, because your painting did a lot to prompt me into getting the RSM95 figures in the first place. :>


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