21 April 2007

A Brief Communique to Hesse-Engelburg

The Palace of Krankenstadt, The Grand Duchy of Stollen

21. April 1768

My Dear Prince,

We are most impressed with the mustering of Hesse-Engelburg's forces and will watch the continuing developments with an interested, albeit cautious, eye. As you know, our own Stollenian army remains in a state of unpreparedness and disorganization, though it is our sincerest hope that the recently returned Oberfeldwebel Lebrecht Klatschen will soon have the men and officers in shape once again.

Until then, we hope that the Grand Duchy of Stollen does not figure into Hesse-Engelburg’s plans for territorial expansion in the region. However, our own Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II has requested that I inform you of his willingness to allow Hesse-Engelburg troops unmollested transit through Stollen should the need arise, i.e., should you wish to "protect" a neighboring state that is contiguous to our own territory.

This is by no means to suggest treachery on our part, merely a realistic view of practicalities and an awareness of Stollen’s relative insignificance on the European diplomatic and political stage at this point in history. Despite the vast forested tracts within our corner of Europe, we can offer visiting troops considerable grazing land for cavalry, transport horses, and goats, particularly in the hilly southern reaches of Stollen, which feature impressive meadows.

In the meantime, our generals send their highest regards and admiration to the generals of Hesse-Engelburg.

With Sincere Regards,

Herr Heinrich-Schatzi von Pelznikkel
Minister of War, The Grand Duchy of Stollen


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A reply has been made:

Hesse-Engelburg Response


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