18 April 2007

Breaking News from Spencer Smith Miniatures!

Jonathan, the man behind Hesse-Engelburg, inquired the other day at the OSW Yahoo discussion forum whether or not Spencer Smith figures would work with RSM’s. Dig around in the photos over at OSW. There are a couple of photos originally posted by Henry Hyde, which give a good answer to that question.

Spencer Smith infantry figures stand at about 30mm base to eye. Cavalry are proprtionately taller, standing at about 40mm from base of horse to eye of trooper.
As long as you do not combine the two ranges in the same unit, I think they will work fine on the table top, so long as they are kept in distinct units. Henry’s photos show that the Spencer Smith miniatures are very similar in stature to the RSM’s, though perhaps just a wee bit shorter. The sculpting style between the two ranges is rather different though.

On a related note, Spencer Smith has just added to its range of 18th century figures. Although designated as War of Austrian Succession, many would be appropriate for use in other wars of the period given the nondescript sculpting of these miniatures. Best of all, the new range includes a really nice officer with a spontoon, a better flag bearer, an infantry figure without turned up skirts, mounted staff, and a host of other potentially very useful figures, which can be used to augment the earlier, rather limited 18th century range.

Check the new releases from Spencer Smith out at:


For Spencer Smith devotees, this is indeed exciting news. Though I’m using primarily plastic 1/72 figures by Revell AG, I might just have to put in a request for a unit of Spencer Smith cavalry or infantry for the next birthday or Christmas when the time comes.

Finally, thanks to everyone for your votes and comments regarding the next unit to receive its uniforms here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen. I’ll give it a full week, so everyone who wishes to can cast his or her vote for which unit I’ll paint after completion of the RSM95 figures.

And now, GDS-TV concludes its broadcast day. Transmissions are now closing. Programming will resume tomorrow morning at 8AM. Good night. (Grand Duchy of Stollen anthem begins and plays to conclusion in the background as the Grand Duke Irwin Amadeus II is shown atop his favorite horse, "Sugar Cube"). Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. . . (test pattern).

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