26 April 2007

And the next unit in the painting queue is. . .

Well, it looks like the votes are all in here at Stollen Central. And the next unit I will paint, following completion of the RSM95 grenadiers, is (drum roll, please). . . a unit of plastic 1/72 Revell Austrian grenadiers, wearing that neat bearskin with the silk bag flopping down one side! Final votes were three for these same grenadiers, and two each for the staff, cavalry, and artillery. Thanks to all of you who participated in the survey.

Now, what makes this REALLY exciting is that this first unit of Zichenau infantry will consist of 80+ figures organized in four companies plus a small regimental staff! Each company will have an officer, a sergeant, a corporal, a drummer, and 16 men. The staff will consist of a mounted colonel, an adjutant, a standard bearer, a regimental sergeant major, and a pioneer, leaning on a great big axe. Total regimental strength? A whopping 85 figures!

I decided to do this because the army of the Electorate of Zichenau will be slightly smaller than Stollen’s with perhaps only four units of infantry – two line, a two-company “light” formation, and a two-company pioneer unit -- plus (maybe) a single independent company. Stollen’s infantry, on the other hand, will consist of six units all told. So, it made sense to beef up Zichenau’s company establishment for its line troops.

Given the relative glut and cheapness of Revell’s 1/72 Austrian infantry sets on the US market (the other SYW sets are much rarer and MUCH dearer), I’ve purchased a final two boxes, to enable these massive regiments. They do look impressive all lined up on the painting table, even in their unpainted state. In the meantime, it’s back to the RSM95’s, singing their siren song to me from across the room. Can you say Odysseus?


Thanks to everyone for your "get well" wishes. It’s always a drag to be sick, but especially when the weather is nice!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Wow! You really go in for "big battalions", don't you?

Right now I'm planning on 25-26 man infantry units and 13-horse cavalry units. Partially because those size units are easier for the other fellows painting troops . . . and for me as well.

I admire the look of the "big battalions" but I can't see getting everyone in our local group to buy and paint that many figures.

But my admiration also goes to you for completing such large units. Good work, Stokes!

-- Jeff

Grimsby Mariner said...

"God is not on the side of those with big battalions but those who shoot best" - voltaire.

Of course having bigger battalions than your opponenet can't hurt and seems to win most games I play!

Snickering Corpses said...

Wow...that's impressive, Stokes. I can attest to your statements on availability, though. While poking around for Prussian Infantry I found no less than 5 sets of Austrian infantry on sale.

guy said...

85 figures! Fantastic. I used many of those marching austrian grenadiers but converted many to tricornes. Did the same for the advancing poses. I will set up a 85 figure unit tonight to see howit compares with my usual 56 figures.

Onto the Prussians now. Done 2 infantry regiments. Quite pleasant to paint blue uniforms for a change rather than white!



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