30 March 2007

You Can't Keep a Good MiniFig Down!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

This posting is for Greg Horne, the man behind the Duchy of Alzheim. Here's a slightly (emphasis on slightly) better photo of the 25mm Prussian ensign by MiniFigs that I'm using with the RSM95 grenadiers on which I'm currently working.

Greg dropped me a line earlier today, asking about my flag bearer. Of course, RSM includes ensigns within the figure range. But these come minus a flagpole cast within the figure's hands. Since I have some extra MiniFig Prussian ensigns on hand, purchased for use with my plastic 1/72 Revell figures, it seemed reasonable to at least see how the MiniFigs and RSMs work together. Not too badly in my eyes.

The MiniFigs are a bit on the stocky side, but you don't really notice that when viewing even 20-odd figures together. Much less a full unit of 60+ models! There is also a slight difference in height, but that would be the case if I had used the RSM ensign too. Apparently, the men who carried the standards in Prussian infantry regiments of the 18th century were very junior officers (or perhaps among the upper echelon of the enlisted men?). So, maybe this is reflected in the shorter stature of these particular figures?

Anyway, yes, get yourself some 25mm MiniFig ensigns, Greg, if you prefer something else to what RSM currently offers.

On another note, the Board of Tourism here at The Grand Duchy of Stollen informs me that just over 7,100 visitors have dropped by since the blog began last summer. In celebration of this momentous occasion, Oberfeldwebel Klatschen is having an extra large stein of Turkish coffee this evening plus a clay pipe full of the finest Virginia tobacco. And Grand Duke Irwin Amadeus II has asked that I convey his hearty thank-yous and good wishes to all of you who have made The Grand Duchy of Stollen a part of your normal (??!!) internet activities.

Finally, for those of you who have your own imaginary campaigns going -- and there seem to be quite a few of us around the world now -- what is it about imaginary campaigns, their armies, and generals that so captivates you? Do you see any distinct advantages that fictitious campaigns have over 'historical' refights on our table tops? If you have a few minutes, please share your thoughts with us here. Even if you don't currently engage in a fictitious campaign, it would still be interesting to hear your ideas.

Ok, enough chit-chat, men. I've got two-dozen RSM grenadiers waiting over on the other table. And they're clamoring for red vests, white shoulderbelts, and musket straps. . .

Enjoy your weekend whereever you are in the world!


Bluebear Jeff said...

For me one of the advantages of a fictional country is that I have a "blank slate". By that I mean that I can create my own history.

Units will evolve (or get worse) as they campaign over the years. Legends will be created over time.

And, of course, we can choose our uniform colors as well.

Furthermore, with an historical army, I feel constrained by history . . . not that this is totally bad, but I'd rather have that "blank slate".

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

Grimsby Mariner said...

Congratulation on the project & blog.

I have to admit that the coffee and pipe sounds good(I gave up the pipe a year ago but still miss it occasionally).


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