03 March 2007

A Thank-you to Anthro-Paphburg

Saturday, March 03, 1768

My Dear Prince Henry,

Thank you very much for your recent gift of the finest, smoothest, and most golden of ales that surely must ever have been brewed within the frontiers of Anthro-Paphburg. The Grand Duke Irwin Amadeus II and his fellows have enjoyed it immensely. Alas, The Grand Duchess of Stollen prefers Rieslings, Merlots, and Polish liquors, but one cannot, unfortunately, have everything.

With regard to said ale, the Grand Duke has requested that I convey his sincerest interest in establishing firmer diplomatic and trade relations with your fine country. Should you be agreeable to such eventualities, he has asked me to refer your representatives to the Grand Duchy of Stollen’s Minister of Trade, Herr Rastus-Uwe Georg von Gebogenius an der Pickelhaube.

We hope the Anthro-Paphburg might be amenable to opening trade talks and either sending a trade delegation to Stollen, or receiving our own in your country, headed by Herr Von Gebogenius an der Pickelhaube.

Your Faithful and Most Sincere Servant,

Johannes P. Flickenhoffer
Personal Assistant to the Grand Duke Irwin Amadeus II

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