06 March 2007

RSM Figures Primed and Ready to Go

Finally, the first batch of RSM figures is base coated and ready for black undercoats this evening. Had hoped to do all of this passed weekend, but company Saturday evening and various things Sunday got in the way. So, things got a little bogged down here at Stollen Central.

Anyway, here are the current stars of the show in all of their unpainted glory freshly “gessoed” and awaiting their coat of black acrylic undercoat. Wednesday evening, I aim to paint faces, hands, white wigs, and perhaps green bases. Thursday evening, it will be the light blue coats. Maybe red breeches and small clothes Friday afternoon, but since I’m leaving town for a week very early Saturday morning, packing my suitcase will probably take precedence.

By the way, when you have the chance, visit Phil Olley’s website, and take a gander at his recent updates for his own fictitious Pils-Holstein Campaign. Fantastic painting, terrain, and the beginnings of a wonderful ahistoric narrative for his own imaginary 18th century combatants. Truly a display of modeling skills and imagination to which we all should aspire! Click on this link to be whisked over to Phil’s War Cabinet:


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