03 March 2007

A Reply to Hesse-Engelburg

My Dear Ms. Von Krimm,

Thank you for your letter of February 28, 1768. Given your interest in establishing trade relations with The Grand Duchy of Stollen, Herr Flickenhoffer has referred your recent letter to me in the hope of furthering our ongoing discussion with the idea of the eventuality of setting up reciprocal representatives and their accompanying offices in our respective territories.

With regard to our supply of premium horse flesh here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen, I have been asked by Grand Duke Irwin Amadeus II to communicate to you his wish that our small country could supply many of your cavalry regiments with the horse herds they need to replace and retain a reserve of sturdy mounts.

In exchange, we would be most interested in sampling a smattering of your own Hesse-Engelburg’s luscious and rich dairy products. In particular, our Grand Duke has requested that I communicate to you his extreme predilection for curds and whey made from the milk of the well-known Common Swiss brown cow. We trust that the farmers of Hesse-Engelburg know how mow to obtain the highest yields of milk from these same brown cows in order that an even and fair trade of milk for the initial herd of Trakehner horses might be arranged.

Alas, our iron supplies here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen are currently at an acceptable level. However, should future events dictate an increase in Stollen’s iron ore production, we would be most interested in discussing the matter with you further at that time.

Please let me know at your earliest possible convenience whether you are amenable to opening trade talks between the great Hesse-Engelburg and The Grand Duchy of Stollen.

Yours Faithfully,

Herr Rastus-Uwe Georg von Gebogenius an der Pickelhaube
Minister of Trade for The Grand Duchy of Stollen

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