28 February 2007

A Tree Grows in Stollen

Many "birch" trees actually. Beleive it or not, these 4" high trees (on the left in the photograph) are sold as cake decorations by the Oasis Supply Comapny of Bensalem, Pensylvania, USA -- www.oasissupply.com -- 72 per bag for the insane price of US$8.95! Yes, you heard right. US$8.95!

As you see in the photo, they work fine with the Zvezda fir trees (on the right), so large copses and forests in Stollen and Zichenau are now possible. Eventually, I will fashion various irregulalrly shaped bases and affix several trees to each. These can then be arranged singly or in groups to form small or LARGE wooded areas, representing firs, birches, aspens, or similar kinds of vegetation.

Old School definitely, but for the price, who cares? I like them. The new trees actually remind me of those pictures in the illustrations contained within H.G. Wells' wonderful Little Wars. Do you know the one in particular I mean? The sketch of Wells and another guy moving their troops while crawling around on their knees in a large, comfortable looking parlor. And a third man keeps track of the time on his pocket watch from a nearby chair. That's what these Oasis "cake decorations" bring to mind for me!

1 comment:

Captain Nolan said...

Sadly the trees are now $18.99 per 72.


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