06 February 2007

Starting Squadron B

Another lovely snowfall this morning! 3”-7” predicted, so we might be able to ski along the bicycling trail later today. Seems we’re actually having a real winter this year in our part of Illinois, with genuine cold temperatures (it was -8 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday morning) and several snowstorms. And I love it!

Got down to business with the second squadron of the 4th (Trakehnen) Dragoons yesterday evening. Painted the first coat of GW Goblin Green on the bases, two coats of red on the coats, the white plumes on the hats, and the gold edging “tape” on the officer’s tricorne.

This evening, I’ll paint the wigs, faces, white gauntlets, and red breeches. But I’ll start with a second coat of green on the bases. The following session, I plan to complete the saddle clothes and valises (light blue edged in yellow) and then carefully trim in the reddish-brown for the horses before moving on to the smaller details. No more photos until the entire regiment is finished and ready for parade. Hopefully before long. But I must give you something to look forward to, right? Stay tuned right here!


DwarfMan said...


I always found it fun to go out, get cold, than come inside and have cocoa and paint models. VERY relaxing.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Many years ago I was working as an actor in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

They had a "muzzle-loading biathlon" (cross-country skiing and muzzle-loading shooting). One of the plays in our repertory was "She Stoops to Conquer" and I was playing Tony Lumpkin.

I got permission from the theatre and competed in 18th century wig and costume. I'm not very good at skiing, but I did win a medal as the second best shot in the competition.

So there is indeed a connection between skiing and the 19th century.

-- Jeff


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