11 February 2007

Squadron B Nears Completion

Got a lot of painting done on Squadron B of the dragoons during a late morning session and an evening session yesterday – and still had time for a lovely afternoon Nordic skiing tour of a nearby state park!

From the photo at left you can see that I still have to paint the yellow trim along the light blue saddle cloths, the leather girths and stirrup leathers, the horses, and the metalics (silver stirrups and swords, brass sword pommels and scabbard tips). Probably another two evenings’ worth of work, maybe a little bit more. And then it’s on to the third and final squadron. Just think, I might actually get this unit painted and varnished before the end of the month!

Oh, and the skiing? Well, we had sun yesterday, about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and snow that was still powdery because it’s been so cold this passed week -- with a thermos of hot cocoa waiting in the car at the end of the jaunt. All in all, it was an ideal day for skiing through woods, fields, and along the shore of Lake Evergreen. More snow is predicted for us in the next day or so. This is the best winter weather I’ve seen since leaving Minnesota two years ago!


guy said...

Thought you may be interested to know that I met Peter from PB Toys Germany on saturday at the Plastic Warrior show in Richmond England. I bought a stack of Revell Prussians from him after your recommendation. There were a number of other dealers with lots of Austrian infantry, dragoons and artillery but regretfully no Prussian hussars and Peter said Revell had no plans to re-issue them.


Grand Duchy of Stollen 1768 said...

Hello Guy,

Thank you for your kind message. Neat to learn that you met Peter. He seems very nice judging by our few e-mails back and forth last winter. And I'm vicariously happy that you have lots of Revell Prussians to work on yourself! Too bad Revell is not planning to issue more hussars as these seem to be the hardest to find -- and correxpondingly the most artificially inflated where prices are concerned. Anyway, enjoy your treasure trove of plastics! Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz


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