22 February 2007

Ruins Almost Completed for Charles Grant/Phil Olley Inspired BUA's

Almost forgot. I purchased another piece of balsa wood Tuesday (I prefer it to foam core), following my dentist appointment. Well, I needed some kind of small reward for enduring the 35 minutes of discomfort and indignity, didn't I? Anyway, following my return home from work yesterday afternoon, I spent a couple of enjoyable hours before dinner working on the ruins for the final buildings, constructed during December and January. These now need to be painted, and I will add some small piles of cork ships in the corners, etc., but you get some idea of how things will look once done. I was even able to get the buildings to fit fairly tightly over the ruined bases, so I'm satisfied. Enjoy!

1 comment:

MMG said...

These look great! Coming together quite nicely! Way to work the new camera!


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