26 February 2007

RSM's Ready to Go!

Spent a pleasant 90 minutes finishing the dragoon regiment's horses earlier this evening. The white markings will follow in a couple of days after the oil-based horse coats are all dry on Squadron C. Then the Future acrylic floor polish -- can't wait to see how the dragoons look once they're all glossy!

Afterwards, I glued the first batch of RSM grenadiers to their temporary 1" cardboard squares. Here's the first company along with the regimental staff, which includes a MiniFig 25mm Prussian standard bearer, one of half a dozen I ordered from Tom Dye at GFI last fall. The Grand Duchess Sonja included an RSM ensign as part of her fabulous Christmas gift to me two months ago, but he lacks a flag pole, being cast with open hands. Until I track down some florists' or piano wire and miniature finials, I'll substitue the MiniFig with a clear conscience.

Oberfeldwebel Klatschen remains on leave since he is still attached to his temporary painting base -- an Armory paint bottle -- pending a few remaining touch-ups and a coat of Future floor polish. It's something of a predicament for the old grumbler, who has almost 25 years of loyal service to Stollen behind him. Although Klatschen has seen just about everything on campaign, having his feet glued to the top of a paint bottle is something with which he's never dealt.

However, you will observe the mounted Colonel Von Goetterfunken (i.e., "God's sparks") in the picture, surrounded by his staff, all of whom are observing the slight imprecision of the 1st Company on parade. One or two of the men are even listing to one side or the other a bit. Perhaps a bit too much peppermint schnapps during their off hours? Never mind. Once he joins the regiment, Oberfeldwebel Klatschen will buy himself a stein full of Turkish coffee at his favorite cafe, Der Andere SchΓΌh (The Other Shoe), light up his clay pipe, and whip 'em into shape on the town square!

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what Sonja's Own will look like once their new uniforms arrive.

-- Jeff


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