04 February 2007

News Flash: First Batch of Dragoons Are Finished!!!

OK, here you are ladies and gentlemen! Squadron A and the regimental staff of the 4th (Trakehnen) Dragoons. All finished and ready for your viewing pleasure. Painting time for the 12 figures pictured -- about two weeks (at a leisurely pace).

For those of you who are interested, here's the technical information:

Basecoat: Liquitex acrylic gesso -- white

Undercoat: Liquitex acrylic paint-- black

Paints: Mostly Games Workshop augmented by Ral Partha, Poly S, and Grumbacher (artist's oil colors)

Brushes: Cotman (Windsor&Newton) synthetic bristles #3 (for bulk of painting), Cotman #2 for horses, Leow #001 for detail work, and a Liquitex#3/0 Sable Spotter for tiny details. I've actually had the sable bristle brush since the early 90s. Amazing how long a good brush will last with reasonable use and care.

Varnish: Future Acrylic Floor Polish (not yet completed -- I'll do all 30 figures when the entire regiment is finished)

The second batch of nine figures -- Squadron B -- should go a bit quicker. My wife has a faculty meeting and choir practice Monday evening, so I will be able to make some good headway tomorrow before she returns, and we enjoy dinner together. I'm hoping to finish the entire regiment in the next two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed!


Grimsby Mariner said...

Nice work as always. I do like the horses.

Giles said...

Very nice work Stokes. 12 cavalry in 2 weeks is pretty good going I think!



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