17 February 2007

A New Discovery -- The Duchy of Lagerburg

So here I was poking around The Society of Daisy discussion board a little while ago over a huge mug of coffee, and what do I spy? Another painter/collector/gamer using 1/72 Revell SYW figures for battles between imaginary countries -- Presenting Allen Mordica's Duchy of Lagerburg starring in The Seven Beers War!!! To view even more of Allen's fine work, join the Society of Daisy group at:


Then, click on "Photos", then have a peek at the Duchy of Lagerburg photo album. Allen's painting work on his figures is very nice -- and he's amassed a whole bunch of 'em. Here's just one photograph to give you a taste of what's in store.

By the way, The Society of Daisy is a discussion board dedicated to fictitious countries and imaginary armies for those of you who might not know of its exisitence already. If imaginary combatants and contentious compositie monarchs are your bag, I urge you to visit and join the group post-haste.

Allen's work has me itching all over to get down to business with my own Revell dragoons and make a big push to get them finished this weekend. Wow! But the question begs: Will my wife Sonja and (even more importantly) our cat Rannveig let me do it? Or do I sit down and read the latest issue of Battlegames, that's just arrived with the Saturday mail? And we've got several inches of new snow on the ground singing its siren song to me through the window where my radio and painting desk is situated. Should I ski? Should I paint figures all day instead? Can I possibly do both and still have time for dinner out with my wife this evening? Oh, decisions, decisions!!!


Bluebear Jeff said...

As we say in the Theatre, "there are lots of 'right answers'".

In other words, each of these enjoyable courses of action is a good choice. Enjoy whichever you choose.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

Just be sure the dinner with the Duchess happens regardless of which course you choose. That is ever the most important. :)

DwarfMan said...

Check this out:


Prince Henry of Anthro-Paphburg


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