27 February 2007

Dragoons Just About There

No painting this evening as the Grand Duchess Sonja and I are heading to a movie after supper. But, here's a photo taken yesterday evening of the regiment in question. Just a couple more minor things to take care of, and then they are ready for the protective coat of Future floor polish and a place of honor -- the senior most regiment of Stollen's cavalry, commanded by that dastardly cad Colonel Von Cranz.

Rumor has it that a rivalry of sorts exists between Oberfeldwebel Klatschen and Von Cranz. Indeed, on more than one occasion, the two have crossed paths. But for all of his arrogant, peevish bluster, Von Cranz knows little about war, personal combat, or honor. Whenever the two meet, Von Cranz inevitably has his ears boxed soundly by the grizzled Oberfeldwebel. And what the young colonel knows about campaigning wouldn't even be a drop in the coffee stein of knowledge that Klatschen has aquired in his years of service to Stollen. And when will the grenadier next take Von Cranz down a peg or two? Keep tuning in here to find out!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm tuned, I'm tuned. Will there be a duel? Will one be struck down? Or will one turn away?

I'm staying tuned . . . why aren't you?

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

I'm tuned as well. I love the personalities there.

I'm hoping to get time for a reply from Hesse-Engelburg to Stollen's latest tomorrow. Or perhaps I'll stick to history and make it on Thursday again. Mr. Strasser's getting a workout.

I'm also hoping to post about a tourist destination, and the regiment it has spawned, in the next couple of days.

tidders said...

Nice looking regiment.


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