15 February 2007

The Couple That Plays Together. . .

Sonja and I have been enjoying the extended holiday broguht on by the new 12" of snow here on Tuesday. Yesterday, we skied one of the local golf courses, which I returned today, to ski solo. The temperature was only about 10 degrees Fahrenheit, but the sun was out, and the wind was minimal, so once I got moving, things warmed up quickly.

Here are a couple of new pictures from this particular jaunt. The top photo is simply a very pretty shot of our tracks from yesterday. To outdoorsy people, and especially winter sports enthusiasts, the shot says alot, I think. We might use it for a Christmas card next December.

The bottom picture shows where the two of us fell in tandem at the bottom of a hill yesterday. I went down the hill first and, since the snow was deep at the bottom, lost my balance and sat down with a cushioned bump on the right side of the photo. I had trouble getting up again due to the snow accumulation at that spot. So, Sonja calls to me from the top of the hill, "Just a minutes, I'll come down and help you up."

Well, what do you think happened? Yes, she made a "faceplant" straight into a 16" drift at the hill's bottom -- on the left side of the photograph. Poles and skis in all directions, snow in her eyebrows and lashes. And who do you think had to struggle out of his skis and poles to go and dig her out? ;-) All terrific fun really.

Saturday, we're heading out to Lake Evergreen again to explore a different route from last weekend. Oh, and another inch or two of new snow is predicted for the weekend!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Looks like lots of fun.

-- Jeff

Grimsby Mariner said...

And not a snowman in sight. Thinking back my eldest is thirteen this year and I've only ever made two snowmen with her in all that time. says a lot for our climate on the east coast of England.

MurdocK said...

keep on playing U 2!


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