24 January 2007

Old School Authors at Their Best!

Have been hard at work lately on the first 12 of 30 stollenian dragoons -- red coats, white wigs, and green bases -- so not much else postworthy happening here. I'll have some digtal, macro photos of my work right here in the next day or two. It's nice to have the ability to take and post some really good quality pictures at last!

In the meanitme, I've got good reading to enjoy when I turn in for the evening. Thanks to an Amazon.com Christmas gift certificate from my soon-to-be 90 year old grandmother, I'm enjoying modestly priced copies of two wargaimng classics: Tony Bath's (1973) Setting up a Wargames Campaign and Donald Featherstone's War Games (1962). Both books are fascinating and provide a whole bunch of neat ideas for adding detail and flavor to what happens on the table. Can't wait to get enough miniatures painted, so I can try out some of Bath's and Featherstone's methods. Great stuff!

A third, equally reasonably priced "Old School" work, Featherstone's Handbook for Model Soldier Collectors (1969) is on its way. Awaiting the arrival of new books is almost as much fun as waiting for an order of soldiers to arrive.

On the "New School" front, Digby Smith's An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars (2006) just arrived last week. So, I have lots of stuff to keep my busy on my bedside table. And more dragoon painting this evening. Life is good!

And finally, let's end on a semi-humorous note. Two nights ago, Sonja and I turned in, and we were both were reading in bed as we often do. I was intently studying the bibliography in Featherstone's War Games. At just that moment, Sonja turned and peeked over to see what it was precisely that so occupied my attention. She read a few of the listed titles outloud, paused, and then under her breath stated, "My God, I really did marry a geek!" I ask you, is this a fair and just assessment for a spouse to make, let alone voice?

I comfort myself with the knowledge that at least I can entertain myself without any difficulty. And Sonja will always know where I am if she can't find me. . . in "The Purple Room" (spare bedroom) where my office and painting/radio table are set up. Wives -- sigh.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, my friend, remember Lady Sonja's gift of grenadiers and forgive her comments.

A friend of mine had always told his wife that his painting and wargaming not only assured her of where he was, but if they ever needed it, he would sell his figures.

Well some years ago they faced an emergency and Dale sold off several armies for much more than he'd paid for the lead and thus saved the day.

After that, his wife has never uttered another word about his gaming activities. He has since rebuilt the armies he sold and his wife always knows where he is . . . and it isn't out wasting the family's funds on women and booze. He just buys and paints "toy soldiers".

-- Jeff

Bluebear Jeff said...

Oh, yes. Tony Bath's book is excellent.

My copy must be a different edition than yours. Same cover art -- but in different colors. (Where your cover art is greenish, mine is brown).

What I have (dated 1986, when I bought it new) is the "revised third edition". What's yours?

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

I'm probably fortunate in that my wife is even more of a "geek" than I am (can you have a female "geek"? - what's that term they use in "Bones"? Oh yes "squints"). But even she despairs sometimes about my choice of bedtime reading (currently "The Persian Empire" by Lindsey Allen).

Anonymous said...

My significant other is moving in next week and last night she said "you are going to move all that soldier stuff off the kitchen table, aren't you?". I almost died laughing, until I realised she was serious. I guess that means the table I'd set aside as her dressing table is now going to be my new varnishing/basing table....

Grand Duchy of Stollen 1768 said...

Hello Men,

As far as I can tell, my edition of the Tony Bath book is 1977. And the cover art is actually of a Roman legionary, a Spanish conquisidor, and an ACW Confederate general all looking at a map and discussing military matters. So, nothing like the cover art I found and posted yesterday along with my "ramblings". The price was, let me see, about $5.95 US, so very reasonable. I've actually seen the same book going for much more on Amazon and from other book sellers, so I'm very pleaed with my find. So this time, Amazon Marketplace came through swimmingly.

Yes, The lovely Grand Duchess Sonja was indeed kidding me when she uttered those snide words the other evening. She did treat me to an unexpected dinner out yesterday evening, so I guess she's not all bad. ;-)

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

My lady is tolerant, she's had to put up with a large model railway for a number of years. Some of my surplus railway books and rolling stock have been sold and money gone into paying for metal and uniform books.
She's even offered to command the opposing army in battles - we'll see ?


Anonymous said...

Knowing where you are and what you are up to is of value.

The points put forward by bluebear jeff are also of note, the minis can all be sold - it can take time to get the good price, but they can all be liquidated - not something possible to the leavings after 'wine, women and song'?

For my own part I have three sons, one of which is finally reaching the age where we can game together at the table, he has twice done very good fantasy games, and his vocabulary is very different than the average 8 year old, things like flanks, musket parts, artillery theory, cartography terms...

The sheer learning curve that the minis can take us down is something all of its own.

If that is 'geeking' then I gladly join the ranks of Winston Churchill, HG Wells, and Tom Clancy.


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