28 December 2006

Unpainted "Ruins"

Here is a better picture of the newly built town gate, its base and "ruins" along with the base and ruins a of the town warehouse, sitting on its side in the rear. While Charles Grant's and C.S. Grant's buildings clearly serve as the impetus behind my own recent building spree, the archtectural vision, research, style, design, and construction is my own. . . along with a nod to Ian Weekely as well.

The materials I have used for almost all of my wargames real estate over the years consist of balsa wood, heavy cardboard (mostly scrounged from the back of paper tablets once all the paper has been used up), white glue (Elmer's), and acrylic paint (mostly white, browns, and greys) . Plus a little imagination and handiwork. All very cheap, readily available stuff! Who says you've gotta drop a bundle on this hobby?


Bluebear Jeff said...

As I've said before, I really like your buildings.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

You have been a busy builder haven't you?

Really impressed with how quickly your town has been created and that with that speed there has also been creativity and a degree of excellence.

Impressed and more than a little jealous.

Anonymous said...

So... the buildings lift off and there is a ruin underneath?

Great work by the way! I wish I was half as productive.


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