20 December 2006

Trimming and Pinning Dragoons

Last night, I spent about two hours trimming flash from the next squadron of nine Revell Austrian SYW dragoons -- one officer and eight troopers. I followed by drilling tiny holes in the bottom of each figure (yes, yes -- ha, ha you cheeky money!) and a corresponding hole in the saddle of each horse before pinning the two together. The total ready for a layer of white glue and base coating is now 21 -- two squadrons of nine figures each and three regimental staff (colonel, guidon bearer, and drummer).

Sonja, The Grand Duchess of Stollen, had a girls' evening out yesterday, so I had some extra time to fill afterwards. Naturally, my attention turned to the buildings that I've recently put together. I spent another hour or so painting white and various shades of Burnt Sienna acrylic colors onto the walls of several houses and the church. The latter makes a really nice shade of dusty reddish-brown when white is mixed with it -- perfect for a North German (or Belgian) brick effect.

On a few of the gabled ends of the townhouses, I'll use colors like ochre, very light blue, and light green. These are colors you'll still see on houses in Lübeck, Gdansk, Stockholm, Riga, and various other old cities and towns across the north of Europe. I’ll have some pictures of how things are shaping up with my BUA’s – plus a few other photographic goodies -- later today. Stay tuned!

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