20 December 2006

Stollenian Jaeger Take up a Defensive Position

Here, a company of the Jaeger zu Fuss defends the main road into town, which has been deserted before it was even inhabited! OK, the figures are a bit blurred, but you get aslightly better idea of the my building dimensions.

The Jaeger zu Fuss figures measure just over an inch tall. Most of structures in my town measure about 2 3/4" - 4 1/2" high, 2"-3" wide, and between 3"-6" long. Under scale but big enough so that the figures do not dwarf them. I've got enough buildings -- seven all togther -- for two villages or a larger town.

As soon as I find some suitable phots of North German farm buildings, I'll add a farmhouse and barn to the collection. And that should do it for BUA's for the armies of Stollen and Zichenau to fight over.


Bluebear Jeff said...

One of the things that I tend to do with my buildings is to often make two of the same pattern.

I just paint them differently (different roof color makes a huge difference -- as does placement of doors and windows). I also like to place them at different angles (and often in separate villages).

Doing the above makes things easier and faster (since I'm just copying a building) -- and it gets more buildings available for use.

-- Jeff

Bluebear Jeff said...
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Anonymous said...

Since you were looking for some pictures of eastern looking farms, here is a site with some pictures of just such things from Pultusk.


might give you some ideas?


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