31 December 2006

New Bridge Connects Both Sides of Town

Well, I've obviously been bitten by the construction bug, and the building mania continues here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen. But sometimes, you've got to roll with it, right?

I put the bridge, at the center of this photo, together yesterday and noted all of the various steps involved since I might try writing an article about constructing one's own "old school" scenery quickly and inexpensively. We'll see. In any case, the bridge is based on one Ian Weekley built back in the 1980s. The article and photos appeared in, let's see, an issue of Miniature Wargames I believe.

My model bridge here is in three pieces. To simulate a damaged/blown-up bridge, small piles of cork chips have been glued into place beneath each end of the middle section. You can't see these here, but I'll post some additional photos once painting is finished, which show the model "whole" and with the central section removed, revelaing the miniature piles of rubble. And yes, the six archways were painstakingly cut out using a standard small, triangular X-acto hobby knife blade. Tedious and time consuming, but they turned out well, I think. If all goes well, I'll paint the bridge in the next day or so, using the same dusty "brick" shades of Burnt Sienna for the walls, Orange Oxide for the tower roofs, and various shades of grey for the roadway and bases.

1 comment:

Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm getting very impressed by your efforts.

Yes, by all means, keep going with it . . . and I certainly would like to read an article about how you built all of these buildings.

-- Jeff


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