28 December 2006

Marching through Town

This shot shows a company of the newly arrived 1st (Grand Duchess' Own) Regiment of Loyal Grenadiers marching through town -- No doubt on their way to the palace. These RSM 95 figures have a certain bearing even if they are not yet painted. Incidentally, this regiment is next in line for painting once I complete the regiment of dragoons languishing on the painting table. Then Stollen will have a nice little core army and I can begin work on the Electorate of Zichenau's forces.

You can also see many of the now completed widows and some doors on the town gate and Rathaus to the rear. Instead of going for a letter perfect appearance, I strove more for impression (a la Charles Grant) than for precision and simply drew in everything by hand, using a couple of black Sharpie permanent markers. When viewed from 2+ feet away, the entire town looks really very nice.

If you look carefully, you'll also notice that several buildings have had their bases and ruins painted various shades of grey. You can even see some of the town gate ruins just inside the archway to the left.

1 comment:

Poruchik said...

I love the RSM95's and they take the paint wonderfully, that and they are a bargain cost wise. Great job on keeping the blog updated. The buildings are excellent also.



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