20 December 2006

Lots of Difficult Angles and Curves!

Although I love emulating Ian Weekley's work, and have done so with my models of Hougoumont, La Haye Sainte, and Papelotte, these will be fairly basic wargame structures without a lot of minute detail.

However, this shot gives you a pretty good idea of the various and difficult kinds of cuts involved -- all done with a 2B artist's pencil (I like soft pencil lead), a metal ruler, and normal triangular X-acto "hobby" blade on one of those self-healing cutting matts. Oddly enough, I haven't yet chopped off a finger tip doing the curved gables. Why not is anyone's guesss!!!

You can just about make out the church tower at the rear left of the picture. It was a major pain in the you-know-what to get those diamond-shaped roof pieces cut just right, so that all four would fit together flush on top of the church tower. But Mr. Weekley published an article in Miniature Wargames years ago, featuring a couple of photos of a model representing a medieval Saxon church with this type of tower/roof line. I filed Mr. Weekley's methods and tips away mentally for use on my own structure 20 odd years later. Not too bad if I do say so myelf.


Anonymous said...

Those buildings will look pretty cool. Do you have templates for them that you can post?

Bluebear Jeff said...

Seeing this angle, I like them even better.

For an idea, if you have any extra figures left over, you might want to erect a "statue". Either build a base for it; or make a "fountain" with the statue is the centerpiece. Paint as if bronze or marble.

Such objects make a nice "central point" in a town.

Just an idea for you.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

They look very good Stokes.

Good work.


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