11 December 2006

A Joyful Day

I spent all day yesterday working on Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II, General Von Maur, and Captain Rudolf-Michael Von Schenker. It was relaxing, fun, and a great break from painting these large units of the last several months.

By the way, these three figures are almost finished except for one horse, which will get its coat of Grumbacher artists’ oil -- “Light English Red” perfect for chestnut colored horses – later today. In a few days, after the oil is dry, I'll give ‘em the Future treatment, and then they too will be complete. Then it’s on to the unit of dragoons and the cuirassier conversions I’ve mentioned here previously.

All of the uninterrupted work on my general officers yesterday was great fun. But the best part of yesterday happened yesterday evening about 5:30 in the afternoon. It was dark, and many houses around the old square where we live had their white Christmas lights on, including us – just in time for the group carolers!

We live on the third floor, so my wife opened a window and called down to them to wait, which they did. When the cat and I got to the window, the carolers gave us two lovely old Christmas carols – Joy to the World and The First Noel!

Some of them laughed at the cat and lost their places a bit, but their singing was stll great. And it was a real picture too – about 20 students from Illinois Wesleyan University where my wife teaches, snow, candles, and white Christmas lights. The student carolers worked their way around the square and obviously were enjoying themselves. It was a lovely and unique pre-Christmas experience!

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