15 December 2006

Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah for The Grand Duchess of Stollen!!!

Just a quick not to share some terrific news. Sonja heard earlier today that she has been granted tenure for her teaching, scholarship, and service to her university -- Illinois Wesleyan University. I'm so pleased for her that I can hardly sit still. She's worked so long and hard for this. What a wonderful semester Sonja has had. First her book and now tenure. Can the lottery be far behind?


Bluebear Jeff said...

Please pass on my congratulations to Sonja as well! Tenure is a big step.

Please be sure to take her out to somewhere special or get her some flowers or something . . . hmmm, maybe she'd like a few regiments of her own?

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sonja.

Good to see that hard work and dedication is rewarded.

Hearty congratulations again.

Now the Grand Duke should at the very least provided some fancy bauble or trinket to adorn the fair Duchess when they attend their next function (which must be soon as they celebrate their good fortune)!


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