25 December 2006

The Grand Duchess of Stollen Comes Through Yet Again!

Just a quick note before Christmas dinner is served. . . Among my wonderful Christmas gifts from the Grand Duchess Sonja today was a small package from the Dayton Painting Consortium -- US distributor of the RSM 95 range of figures. Inside the carton were over 60 Prussian Potsdam Grenadiers, drummers, officers, NCO's, mounted colonel, and a few extras. Enough figures to create my own version of the famous Erbprinz Regiment from Young and Lawford's Charge! And the RSM are not out of scle wth my plastic Revell figures or MiniFigs either. What a Christmas it's been!!!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, what a gem your lovely Sonja is!

As you may recall, I'm a great fan of the RSM figures. They are what I am using for my Saxe-Bearstein forces.

Take good care of your charming lady companion . . . she obviously takes good care of you.

Merry Christmas!

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

SUPERIOR from the Grand Duchess of Stollen!

Much praise for such a wonderful lady!


Anonymous said...

In twenty years of marriage I've never even got close to having my wife buy figures - let alone a complete regiment with staff!

you need to take really good care of the Grand Duchess because she is a star.


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