31 December 2006

Converted Cuirassers Sieze Town Bridge

Here are a few of the much described and discussed cuirassier conversions (Revell SYW Austrian musketeer heads on Zvezda Napoleonic Saxon cuirassier bodies), taking control of the recently constructed town bridge. For the time being, these guys are in the rear of the painting cue. For one, I've only converted about 8-9 figures. That and I've got a regiment of dragoons to paint first, followed by the recently acquired RSM 95 figures, which will be painted to resemble the famed Erbprinz Regiment (light blue coats, red small clothes, breeches, facings, and turnbacks). However as you know already, my regiment has already been granted its own title: The 1st (Grand Duchess' Own) Loyal Grenadiers in honor of my lovely and amazing wife, the Grand Duchess Sonja.


Bluebear Jeff said...

These fellows look great going over the bridge.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

I do like that bridge with it's gateways.

Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done. How difficult are conversions like that? What's your preferred material for ensuring your temporarily headless horsemen don't return to that state after attaching the new heads?

Grand Duchy of Stollen 1768 said...

Thanks for the positive feedback on the cuirassiers guys!

I pin the heads to the bodies with the long part of normal old office staples, trimming the two shorter end pieces with a small wire cutter. I use my pin vise and a tiny bit to drill holes into the heads and bodies, before checking the fit, making any necessary "ajustments", and gluing everything into place with a cement made for soft plastics.

I do the same type of "joint strengthening" between the rear ends of each figure and the horse on which they sit. Presto -- SYW curiassiers wearing breastplate only!


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