02 December 2006

Conversions Are Underway. . .

Just spent about two hours chopping the heads from eight Revell 1/72 Austrian fusiliers in the kneeling position and attaching them to the bodies of eight Zvezda Saxon Napoleonic Cuirassiers. I used my pin vise to drill holes into the necks and heads followed by bits of staples to pin each head to its new body. Once I was sure everything would fit, I finished by cementing the joints with Plastic CA, a thin cyanoacrylate glue made for gluing soft plastics together.

The joints look pretty good and the glue seems to fill in any small gaps. I ended up using Austrian heads because they are somewhat bigger than the Prussian musketeer heads that I originally planned on. The Zvezda figures are BIG heavy cavalry figures, and they needed heads that would not look out of place on their bodies. I'm pleased with my first ever attempts at figure conversions. Just call me "Victor"!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I've never worked with plastic figures (although you've made me wish that I had some); but the very few conversions that I've done with metal have always made me feel good when they turn out.

I hope that you also get that great feeling when they turn out as planned.

-- Jeff

Grand Duchy of Stollen 1768 said...

Hi Jeff,

Good to hear from you! YES -- The feeling of accomplishment -- when things work out as hoped -- is always huge! Now I've only made a few attempts at metal conversinos, and those, unfortunately, have always left a bit to be desired. So, you can imagine how I felt yesterday when things went as planned.

Hope your household issues are sorting themselves out. It's a bad time of year (is it ever good?) for that to happen.

Enjoy the evening,


Anonymous said...

Now the real test comes...

can you make then look ALIVE!



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