01 December 2006

Catzilla Strikes Again!

Happy December 1st ! Both Sonja and I have an unexpected day off from school. Our respective institutions have closed due to the first big snowstorm of the year. “Hurra, hurra, hurra!” as they say in Norway. And it’s the first day of Advent. Christmas is coming, the pigs are getting fat. . .

Anyway, it’s a beautiful morning here – A ski tour around the neighborhood looks like a distinct possibility this afternoon. That’s one of the big plusses of cross country skiing. You can do it anywhere there is about 5-6” of snow. No travel involved. No expensive lift tickets. No long lift lines. No annoying snowboarders. And the equipment is much less expensive than down-hill gear. Plus, you can learn how to do it yourself fairly easily. Finally, you get an amazing workout for your entire body and cardiovascular system, so you stay toasty warm, even when it's well below the freezing point. As a winter sport, cross country skiing has got it all.

Did not get any work done on my artillery battery last night, deciding instead to spend the evening talking with Sonja. Later, we watched the rest of Loanshark, an old film noir from the early 50s, starring George Raft. So, I haven’t quite met my painting pledge for November, but ah well. The artillery battery is almost done, and it shouldn’t take too long to paint my three generals.

Tragedy was narrowly averted early yesterday evening. “Catzilla” tried to abduct one of my artillery figures. Sonja had just arrived home from work, and I was getting dinner ready in the kitchen – right across the hall from our spare bedroom where I have my office, radios, and soldiers. Rannveig, our cat, began running up and down the hallway – the entire length or our large top-floor apartment/flat -- as she is wont to do when she has just been fed, and both of us are home for the day.

The next thing I know, I see Rannveig jumping down from my painting/radio desk with one of my artillery men in her mouth, running toward the door into the hallway. When I spoke, she dropped the figure, and dashed into the living room where she began sharpening her claws on an old ratty chair that we have hung onto just for this purpose. Bad, bad kitty!!!

Anyway, my artillery figure survived this affront to his honor admirably. No harm done to the paintwork or figure, proving once again that plastic figures stand up to feline abductions far better than metal figures! Hmmmm. Guess I’ve got to do something about a display cabinet or shelves for my figures, huh?

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Poruchik said...


Perhaps you should quit using catnip scented gloss?
I'm glad no damage occured. I painted a bunch of 15mm Prussians for the FPW a long time ago. Our then cat Phydeux (he is deceased-nothing to do with the incident) decided that night to sharpen his teeth on the shiney black picklehaubs. In the morning my Prussian Guard Division suddenly had suffered severe combat damage. They were demoted to Landwher and I never left out finished minis on the dining room table again.



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