16 December 2006

Buildings and Terrain

Yesterday, I ordered a couple of boxes of plastic spruce/fir trees made by Zvezda (item #8222) from the Michigan Toy Soldier Company. These look very similar to the plastic trees featured in all those photos in various works by Charles Grant, and I think they will help impart that “old school” feel to my table top.

I also took a stab at my first Dutch/Northern German house (with gables) and had a basic structure all cut out of heavy cardboard and glued together in about 45 minutes. The structure is very basic (I’ll paint on the doors and windows) and measures about 3”x4” and about 4” tall. So, it’s slightly under scale but looks good next to the figures and won’t take up too much room on the table.

Today, I’ll add a balsa chimney or two and cut a base on which to glue some blasa and cardboard "ruins". These will fit inside the house. Then I'll have the first of several planned buildings made in the Charles Grant style. Maybe I'll even add a coat of reddish brown poster paint to approximate the red brick of old houses and buildings in the Baltic region. Depending on how time goes later today, and if the mood strikes me, I might cut out and glue together pieces for a couple of other houses and maybe a church too. Then I’ll have enough buildings for a village. Photos will follow here – naturally.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I've always enjoyed making the various buildings I've made for my game table. I tend to use "foamcore" instead of cardboard . . . but the difference in materials is not very important.

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your buildings. In fact, some pics of them in various stages of construction would not be amiss.

-- Jeff


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