12 December 2006

"And you'll love the lemony-fresh scent!"

Last Saturday (December 09, 2006), Henry Hyde hosted a game at his home, featuring his marvelous collection of Spencer Smith figures. The armies were augmented by a few 25mm MiniFigs too, illustrating how well the two ranges work together. Anyway, here's one photo of the proceedings. You've simply got to check the rest of Henry's photos out -- there are about 60 in all. Take a look at: http://tinyurl.com/yd5sbu

As for me, I’ve just spent the better part of the evening washing Stollen’s as yet nameless dragoon regiment and its mounts in lemony fresh Dawn dishwashing liquid – “Dawn gets grease out of your way!” The dragoons smell nothing like horses -- we had a few when I was a boy – which is a good thing since I’ve got the 30-strong regiment lined up over on my painting/radio desk.

This brings me to my next interesting, though useless, piece of information. ;-) The 41 meter band of the shortwave spectrum was finally quiet earlier this evening, so I was able to scrub each figure and horse to the accompaniment of Croatian Radio in, you guessed it, Serbo-Croatian! Listening to shortwave radio while I work on my soldier collection is a long standing tradition – both hobbies have been a part of my life since the autumn/winter of 1983-84. There’s nothing quite like listening to a news report on events in Russia, China, or Egypt while painting in the details on some French Napoleonic (or even Stollenian) artillery! Ka-boom!!!


Anonymous said...

I liked Henry's pictures too. I am as always envious of his "Loftwaffe" and continue to try and convince my wife that a loft conversion in our house would be a good idea. No sign of any wavering yet on her part from a firm "NO!".

Grand Duchy of Stollen 1768 said...

Hello Paul,

Glad you're able to post comments here again. Sorry for the confusion and frustration. Why spammers feel the need to post sales messages here is anyone's guess! Sigh. Anyway, let's get back to gaming and the figures. Charge!

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

Cool pics of the battle!

Was your satisfaction with your troops after the battle the same or better than when you had just finished painting them?


Grand Duchy of Stollen 1768 said...

Hi Murdock,

No,no, no. The battle pictures are from Henry Hyde's recent battle at his home in the U.K. I was so excited to view them that I thought to include a direct link to the photos. I can take no credit for the Spencer Smith figures or the wonderful tabletop eevnts portrayed.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

Henry is a very lucky man to have a gaming room like this. as is John preece who appears to have converted his garage. Both OSWers.

Henry is also a very nicve chap when you meet him.

Bluebear Jeff said...

(I'm back . . . after an extended power outage due to storms . . . about 100 hours worth!)

Our plan is to allow me to have a nice "game room" when we finally manage to sell our old home and buy one up here in Canada.

I can't wait . . . but I have to . . . drat it!

-- Jeff


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