04 November 2006

Size Matters!

A little later. . .

It seems that size DOES matter. I’m currently sitting across the room from my three imaginary units, two generals, and an ADC, which are arrayed on my painting table. The Von Laurenz Musketeers (63 strong) and Jaeger zu Fuss (32 strong) are completed. The two-gun battery of artillery with 13 crew and the mounted officers are not yet basecoated. Nevertheless, they look amazing from 6-7 feet away! And no, from this distance, one does not notice the slight differences in style or height between the Revell 1/72 plastics and the 25mm MiniFigs metal figures. I should have started working with big units and larger figures years ago! Visually, it’s quite a bit more pleasing than small units of 12-20 using 15mm sized miniatures. Just imagine how it will look about a year when I have most of my armies completed along with some "old school" scenery. I can almost see it now. Wow!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Well please be sure to let us see as well. When you can, please let us have some photos.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Yes, I can recall just after I did my first 3 regiments of French, and 3 regiments of Russians. They looked so forlorn, only one Divisional Commander, hardly seemed worth it to have the 'army' command as it was almost as wide as the division in column.

Now; different story. After staging the 200th Anniversary game of Auerstadt I've got three ARMY CORPS worth of troops, in French, Prussian and Russian.

With the French Guard Army starting to form in time for the 200th of EYLAU and more Russians coming by February of next year the table will be positively creeeking from the wieght!

I echo Jeff in the call for some sort of image!


Anonymous said...

When I start a project I always have an inner vision of how I want the finished article to look.

Most of the time it ends up close to my aspirations sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't I usually find friends and colleagues have a different view and can be quite supportive.


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