04 November 2006

Science Fiction in the GDR

For Jeff Hudelson, the Duke of Saxe-Bearstein, and any others who might be curious, here is the cover of my wife's new book.

Earlier this afternoon, I tried to talk Sonja into into posing with the book herself, but she said, "Those guys just want to see if you landed yourself a babe!" Well, lack of a photo notwithstanding, I can assure anyone who may wonder that, yes, I did score a babe. She's simply amazing. Even better, she's quite tolerant of my model soldier hobby. She doesn't necessarily "understand" my fasciantion with military miniatures, but she accepts it.

Sonja even sat through a brief explanation of the Hessian flags I posted below. . . OK, she was rooting through a filing cabinet here in the office when I told her all about it, but at least she was polite enough to respond with, "Mmm-hmm" during my momentary lapse. ;-) Aren't wives great? All kidding aside, I really enjoy being married to Sonja!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm sure that the book would look much better with its author . . . but it's nice to see it anyway.

Thank you and congratulations to your bride once again.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jeff.

Still I'm sure that your good lady is only being modest and not wanting to outshine you on your blog!

Grand Duchy of Stollen 1768 said...

Oh, she outshines me in many respects all right! ;-)


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