28 November 2006

Nearing the Finishing Line!!!

Well, I got a bit of work in on Stollen’s two-gun battery of artillery last night, more correctly the 13-man crew, who have only the brass sword pommels remaining before I can flood ‘em with a coat of Future floor finish!!! I also finished the base coat of Black Liquitex on the two cannon, so I should be able to begin painting those this evening. Finally, I painted the mounted officer’s horse a light brown all over and managed not to obscure the already black reins and harnesses, so “he” is about finished except for a star on his face and a couple of white stockings. I also painted the officer’s saddle cloth GW “Scorpion Green”, to match the facing colors, and the edging gold. I snapped a number of photos and will deliver the film to Walgreen’s (a large Midwestern pharmacy chain for non-USA readers) this morning. So, by afternoon, I should have some digitized photos to upload here. Yes, it’s true -- You can believe it when you see it!


Anonymous said...

Another gamer "rushing" to get his quota for the month finished?

Well done.

What's black liquitex?

Grand Duchy of Stollen 1768 said...

"Liquitex" is a brand of thick, gooey acrylic-based paint with good coverage, especially if you apply it straight from the bottle. Doesn't seem to do as well if thinned.

I used the black exclusively as a base coat over, or instead of, thinned white/PVA glue. Even if you apply it so thickly that it apparently obscures detail, it will shrink as it dries, leaving plenty of detail to paint and highlight. Moreover, it is extremely flexible when dry, making it ideal for plastic figures with bendy bits.

In the US, Liquitex is available through artists' supply stores like Dick Blick amd Michael's. You might possibly be able to find it in the U.K. too.


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