28 November 2006

Musketeers with New Flag

Here, you can see the new standard recently awarded to the 2nd Musketeers. It's a Napoleonic era Hessian standard that I printed from WarFlag. Since computer printed flags are subject to fading, I next doctored the colors very carefully with my GW and Liquitex paints. To make the standard more specific to the Von Laurenz boys, I also painted the corner vents bright orange to match the regiment's facings and turnbacks. Originally, the corner vents were half yellow and half black. Amazingly, I made not a single mistake on either side of the standard. Things like that do not happen very often here at the Grand Duchy of Stollen! Oh, and it's not really apparent in this shot, but the standard bearer is new -- a 25mm MiniFigs Prussian. His heavier weight and longer flagpole make the oversized standard practical. You can just see about make out Fahnenjunker Leinenkugel's shoulder, powdered wig, and triconered hat in the mid-distance through the hedge of bayonets.

1 comment:

Bluebear Jeff said...

The flag looks great!

-- Jeff


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