25 November 2006

The Cavalry Has Arrived!

Two packages of Zvezda 1/72 Saxon Cuirassiers have just arrived in the mail! I’ll use these figures to convert into 18th century cuirassiers along with the help of some three-cornered heads borrowed from some Revell kneeling Prussian SYW infantry.

Happily, the Zvezda figures are great sculpts with little if any flash or mould lines to speak of. Size-wise, they are large for 1/72, and so these figures are a perfect match for my Revell figures. Appropriately for heavy cavalry, the horses are even a tad taller than the Revell horses. Finally, the plastic used for these figures is noticeably stiffer and harder than that used by Revell, so the swords should resist paint flaking pretty well once painted and varnished. I’m looking forward to trying my hand at some conversions during the upcoming Christmas break from school!

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