30 October 2006

Weekend Activites at Stollen Central

Well, I managed to finish most of the tasks I set out to complete in last Thursday’s posting. The Jaegers zu Fuss are all painted and awaiting a coating of Future acrylic floor polish to protect their paintjob. Not too many touch-ups were necessary. Mostly just some GW “Chaos Black” here and there to fix a few minor errors on gaiters and hats. The figures in question look pretty darn good. Or at least I am pleased with them. Photos will follow later this week. Stay tuned right here boys and girls!

I next trimmed mold lines from the 25mm MiniFigs Prussian officers and their horses, following with fairly copious amounts of “super glue” gel to stick’em onto their horses. I also carefully cut out some heavy card bases to mount the horses on because their metal bases are a bit narrow for them to stand securely by themselves. Anyway, the two generals and an ADC are now awaiting a couple of black base coats.

Third, I soaked and scrubbed 12 Revell SYW Austrian artillery crew and a mounted officer and set them up to dry next to our old friends the 2nd (Von Laurenz) Musketeers next to a large Grundig radio that resides at the rear of my painting table, which also doubles as my shortwave radio listening post! It will probably be later in the week before I can trim the flash from these figures since it’s that time again. . . Yes, reading, commenting on, and grading about 50 poorly written undergraduate papers! Poor me.

Finally, I also trimmed mold lines and a bit of flash from two 25mm MiniFigs cannon and assembled all of the pieces -- again with the aforementioned “super gel.” These too are waiting for two coats of black basecoat.

Finally, another couple of imaginary names occurred to me as I drove to school this morning. The ruler of one or another of my minor warring states will be Irwin- Amadeus II , and the hussar regiment belonging to Zichenau’s small army will be the Von Anheuser Hussars, who will be dressed in a predominantly red, green, and yellow/gold uniform. Giddy up!


MurdocK said...

Von Anheuser Hussars?

Have you been reading more from Bluebear Jeff?


Was it a trip to the 'local'?


Grand Duchy of Stollen 1768 said...

Ah! You got me. Yes, I was doodling around on a table the other day and came to the conclusion that I like the first half of Anheuser-Busch as a unit name. I think I noticed a beer ad in a magazine on on a billboard somewhere, and that put it into my mind. . . or something to that effect!



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